Do More/Do Less…Helloooo 2014!

As the new year begins, I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve learned from good old 2013.  It was certainly a year of ups and downs and some major changes.  Change is good because if you’re not changing than you’re not growing, and I am looking forward to the new changes that 2014 will bring.  To sum up the major things I’m taking away from 2013 and into 2014, I have complied two lists of things that I (and everyone) should do more, and conversely, to do less.  So in 2014 I want to…

Do More:

Traveling, smiling, laughing, giving to others, running, aiming high, eating healthy, 5ks (the Pride one was so fun!), staying positive, enjoying the moment, accepting, and listening.

Do Less:

Stressing, worrying, regretting, assuming, denying, making excuses, over-analyzing, settling, and doubting.

While these things came from the various life lessons I learned this year there is one lesson in particular that sticks out to me from 2013; timing is everything.  The right things happen at the right time, it’s a simple as that.  When you let life take its course by staying present and keeping your head up good things fall together.  However, if you push for things that aren’t meant to be, then they can fall apart and you can end up losing more than you started with.

I am certainly a believer that things fall apart and people leave your life so that good people will walk in and better things will come together even if  it seems impossible at times.  Positive energy leads to positive things, so think happy thoughts and always do your best because what goes around absolutely comes back around.

Here are some other pearls of wisdom I learned this year just for fun:

-People change.  You either accept them for who they have become or you go your separate ways.  Sometimes people you love turn into people you don’t recognize and it’s ok to remove people from your life who are toxic.

-Karma is a very real and powerful thing; do not mess with it or it will turn around and slap you in the face.

-Don’t let ‘the little things’ ruin your day (or life).  If it won’t matter in a day or two then it’s probably not a big deal.  For instance, stepping in a puddle or spilling a cup of coffee on yourself are not reasons to declare you are giving up on life.

-There are things in life that you cannot change so you have to learn to accept them.  I have finally come to terms with the fact that the Kardashians exist.  I don’t like it and I certainly don’t approve of it, but I must accept this and move on with my life.

-Never complain to someone who is having a harder time than you.  You will look weak and probably bug them.  Give people who are struggling space and support instead of piling more on their plate.

-Focus more on how you think of yourself rather than how others think of you; your opinion should matter the most.

-Don’t take yourself too seriously and learn to laugh at yourself.  You will wipe out, have embarrassing pictures/videos taken of you, and generally make a fool out of yourself, so laugh with the others around you.  I say this because not only have these three things happened to me, they all happened within the past week so I just had to laugh.  Life is more fun if your spend most of your time laughing and smiling rather than sulking and frowning.

-I am awesome at twerking. Fact.

I have a good feeling about 2014, I know it will come with its ups and downs but that’s life.  I also have a feeling big changes are on the way but that’s fine with me; I’m up for a challenge.

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