Little Girls Don’t Drink Whiskey

Usually when I write I like to try and send some sort of underlying message that I want people to read and absorb in the hopes that it will help them reflect on their own lives.  Well, I’m not going to do that today; this post is for me.

About a month ago during a family dinner, we got on the topic of young ladies who drink whiskey after my step-brother told us about his date who ordered Maker’s Mark on the rocks.  He commented that there was something intriguing and compelling about the fact that she had ordered a “real drink”, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on exactly why.  That’s when I chimed in, “Because little girls don’t drink whiskey.”  Bingo.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Jameson (I believe I’ve mentioned it in this blog several times as well) on the rocks, neat, or straight out of the bottle.  I stick to Jameson (or any other type of whiskey) on the rocks when I’m out at a bar, and what always amuses me is the reaction I typically get when I go to grab my favorite booze.  Not only does the bartender usually give me a strange look, but the other patrons typically raise an eyebrow as well.  Most women seem to not know what it is, or why I would order it, and men just look kind of baffled.  Why do I get these confused yet intrigued looks you wonder?  It’s a rare sight.  I believe that a strong woman needs a strong drink and it seems to take a more mature pallet to appreciate it.  I use the term ‘mature’ loosely seeing as I pushed a child out of the way at an aquarium last weekend so I could pet a sting ray.

However, that’s not the point, the point is this; the whiskey-drinking women that I have encountered seem to have some common denominators.  My step-brother mentioned that his date, as well as other female whiskey enthusiasts (a term I like to use to describe myself), knew who she was and knew what she wanted out of life.  All of these ladies had goals, were grounded, and generally had a strong sense of self.  I am of the belief that you can gather a slight sense of a person based on what they order at a bar.  For example, I think it’s safe to say that bleach blonde Barbie who’s as shallow as a puddle will probably not order 2 fingers of Rye Whiskey neat (delicious), she’ll probably go for the Malibu Bay Breeze or something that’s ‘low-calorie’.  Perhaps that’s a slightly judgmental of me, but if you ever see one of those in my hand it probably means I have blacked out and you should remove it immediately.

It takes a special and unique type of woman to handle the hard stuff, and I emphasize the word ‘handle’ because sipping on a rock glass of Jameo is quite different than pounding pickle-backs.  So, to the ladies who choose to keep their drinks straight and strong I raise my glass to you as we are certainly a rare breed.  Stay classy whiskey girls (I use that term loosely as well).

2 thoughts on “Little Girls Don’t Drink Whiskey

  1. G says:

    Though I am a fan of whiskey myself and I understand what it’s like to get a weird look or questioned when I buy a bottle of the good stuff, I don’t understand the sort of better-than-you-in-some-way attitude that comes with drinking certain beverages. That same girl who drinks the low-calorie whipped cream vodka shot can still be the same girl who drinks rye from the bottle. If we can all just get drunk together, all of that starts to matter less.


    • the brochick says:

      I’m not saying women who drink whiskey are ‘better’ than women who don’t. The point brought up by my family was just that the women we know who drink whiskey seemed to have common personality traits. I’m always happy to meet another whiskey drinker, female or male, and as long as there’s good booze around I’m happy to drink with anyone!


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