Just Laugh

I know what it feels like to be frustrated. I know what it feels like to have everything around you go wrong and fall apart in front of you. I know what it feels like to have things fall apart time and time again no matter how hard you try…and I’m here to say it sucks.

There are times when we can try our very hardest to see the light and the good, yet only see darkness. I like to believe that there are silver linings in almost every situation, but I also believe in despair. There are times when life is not fair, cruel, and unrelenting. These are also times when it feels like things are bad and can’t get worse, yet somehow they find a way to. People say that there’s a light at the end of every tunnel and that every rainstorm has a rainbow at the end; well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s simply not true.

There are things in life that suck. I try to find the goodness and silver linings in every situation but I’ve come to realize that certain things are just terrible. There is no silver lining, no consolation prize, no go back to start and collect $200; some situations are there to make us upset, to test us. These are the situations that help make us stronger.

Right now I’m supposed to be in Wisconsin with my dad and my brother. We’re supposed to be at our dad’s college bar getting ready for the big football game, to which we have front row tickets. But we’re not. Instead, I’m sitting alone on my couch in my apartment with a bottle of Jameson. Why? Well, because life isn’t fair. Our flight was canceled and we couldn’t rebook it in time to see the game. Once they announced that our flight was canceled (15 minutes before we were supposed to board) we stood on line to see if there was any glimmer of hope that we could somehow get to the Midwest. I’ve had a very frustrating and upsetting month so I thought that maybe this would be my glimmer of hope…I was mistaken. Every flight was shut down for the next two days and our trip was cancelled. It may not seem like missing a football game was a big deal, but after they month I’ve had I really needed this trip. As the fact that our trip wasn’t going to happen settled in, we stopped in the airport so my dad could call my step-mom and tell her we would be home much sooner than expected. Once my dad reached my step-mom, my brother and I simultaneously noticed that a pigeon had gotten into the airport. Before I could finish saying “Go home pigeon, you’re drunk,” the pigeon took a huge dump on the airport floor. Without the blink of an eye we both started hysterically laughing, like uncontrollably laughing. It was something so small and insignificant, but to us it was regenerating.

I’m sure that sounds over dramatic, but we are both in a rut and needed a laugh after the bad news about our flight. This trip was supposed to be a nice break from reality (bad job/unemployment) and it was unexpectedly taken away from us. But the fact that something so small and stupid like a pigeon pooping in an airport terminal could make us laugh so full heartedly makes me smile.

Life is so unpredictable and is so unfair sometimes. Missing a football game is not a huge deal by any means, but after all the frustration and disappointment I’ve dealt with over the past month missing this football game was the icing on a cake of despair. However, dealing with life’s ups and downs (mainly downs) has taught me to enjoy the little things. Life seems to be bullying me at the moment, but I still try to find ways to laugh. I’ve had situations where I can’t find a reason or a silver lining, but I’ve found a laugh. Even on the car ride back from the airport when my dad, brother, and I were completely defeated, we saw an exact replica of the Bat Mobile driving next to us and we all lost it. It sucks that we didn’t get that weekend away that we all needed, but we still found a way to laugh. When life won’t stop beating you down beyond reason, stop trying to figure out what the ‘greater plan’ is and just laugh. Life has taught me that not everything happens for a reason (although the vast majority does) and those are the times you need to find a way to smile. Some situations are unfortunate, but if you can find something to make you smile, it really softens the blow. I feel like that comes easier to certain people (i.e. people used to life dumping on them, *cough* me *cough*), but I strongly recommend it the next time you find yourself thinking “why would this happen to me?” There’s not always an answer, but there’s almost always a laugh or at the very least a smile.

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