Booze and You

Occasionally I read through the posts on my blogs to see how my writing has changed, how I’ve changed, and because I find my own writing entertaining (plus I can spot missed grammatical errors).  If you’ve read through my blog you’ve probably noticed I have a few recurring themes; the concept of ‘you do you’, having an undesirable career situation, and booze (mainly whiskey, of course).  I will not deny that I love booze.  Not in an ‘I sit on my couch cursing my life choices drinking out of the bottle’ way, but more of ‘it’s nice out/my friends are here/I’m not at work/it’s the weekend’ way.  As I read through my articles that reference my love of whiskey, I started to think about other types of adult beverages and how you can get a good read about someone based on their drink choice.  You may think that judging a person based on their choice of beverage (or lack there of) is juvenile and irrelevant, but I disagree.  Behold, my guide of drink choices and what they say about you:


An IPA/Porter/other beer that costs $8+ not at happy hour: you’re happy to be hanging out, might get a buzz on, and just seeing where life takes you.  Cheers.

A bud light/coors light/or other beer consumed mainly by college students: you are under 21 or on a very strict budget. There is no other acceptable reason.

Old fashioned

You do not want to be out past 11pm.  You are upset that you have to stand at the bar.  I feel you and I like your style.

Malibu Baybreeze or other fruity cocktail

You’re drinking it out of straw held between two of your fingers, smiling for no reason, and wearing a maxi dress. There’s a 99% chance I do not like you.

Redbull and Vodka

You don’t like booze.  You like being drunk.  I can respect that.

Shots of anything

Please get away from me…unless you have pickle juice #letsgetweird.

Cocktail or liquor/beer no one has heard of (even the bartender) you claim is amazing

You are a douche.

Vodka soda

You’re ‘watching your figure’.  Those taste terrible.  Get a real drink, the calories are worth it.

Flavored vodka soda.

You’re a woman ‘watching your figure’.

*Note: If I am drinking one of these (especially cherry vodka) it means I have blacked out and I need to go home.

Gin and Tonic

Those taste like Christmas and I don’t understand you.


A solid choice.  If it’s white – you will be very drunk soon.  If it’s red – you will be asleep in the corner soon.


We can be friends.

Not booze

You’re pregnant, driving, sober, or so hungover that not even hair of the dog can save you.  Otherwise…I have my eye on you.

Use it or Lose it

I haven’t written anything in a while and it’s really starting to bother me.  I love writing because it helpe me get my thoughts out and see things a little more clearly, which I then share with people in the hopes that they can see things a little more clearly too.  Well right now, and for the past several months, everything I see is foggy.  It’s clouded by the one thought I cannot get out of my head no matter how hard I try; I hate my job.  I know I hate my job, my friends and family know I hate my job, even random people on the street know I hate my job as I occasionally mumble it to myself like a deranged homeless person.  What’s really starting to get to me is not the fact that I spend nine hours a day staring at a clock until I can leave, not the fact that the work I do benefits my career or skills in no way whatsoever, and not even that the fact that a dysfunctional couple going through a divorce has better communication skills than my department.  What gets to me, what is starting to eat away at me, is the fact that I’m starting to feel like I’m losing my ‘spark’.  By that, I mean my creativity.  Creativity is like a muscle and if you don’t use it, you eventually start to lose it.

I was talking with my boss last week and I learned that she went to school for piano, which sent chills down my spine.  Let me explain why – we work at the LEAST creative, innovative, or exciting company I have ever heard of.  How the hell did a music major end up as my boss?  I also found out I work with a former illustrator and graphic designer.  I work at the company where creativity goes to die and here I am sitting with former creatives who gave up.  My boss told me she hasn’t played the piano in over 10 years and the last time she tried she couldn’t remember any chords or how even to play.  No…just no.

Sometimes life gets in the way and derails us from our dreams, but that doesn’t mean they have to disappear.  I stay at my job because being unemployed is certainly worse than this, but I’m not going to stop trying to finds something that allows me use, explore, and grow my creativity.  I’ve felt my writing starting to slip which was the warning sign to me that it’s time to get proactive.

Nothing is worth losing the skills and passions that make you happy and are part of who you are.  I’ve been applying to other jobs since my first day here and I recently had a rather frustrating setback.  I went through almost four rounds of interviews at a company I dreamed about working for.  After my final interview with the newly hired director, I was contacted three days later with the news that I did not get the job because the ‘team’ (it was totally her) decided to change the qualifications for the role and I was no longer qualified.  That sucked.  It was the first time I really wanted a job and it started to make me doubt myself, my abilities, and my chances at escaping my workplace hell.  But that only lasted a few days because I want this too bad.  I will not get stuck here like my co-workers.  I will not wake up in 10 years and realize I lost my ability to write.  I have realistic goals, they’re just going to take longer than I thought.

I’m trying to start doing more things to help revive my creativity like drawing, playing my keyboard, and of course writing.  Even when I find a job that’s a better fit for me, I will continue to exercise my other creative skills, like art and music, because they’re part of who I am.  Being creative is a skill I have always valued and cherished and I’m not about to let some stupid job take it away.