Stand Tall

I had intended to post a lighter hearted blog post today, but after the horrific tragedy this weekend I felt compelled to write this.

My heart breaks for Orlando.

I spent an amazing Saturday celebrating Gay Pride with my beloved friends.  We watched the parade, we went to the festival, and we danced at one of the gay clubs.  It was a day filled with laughter, happiness, and love.  On Sunday morning we learned what happened and we all had the same thought; that could have happened here.  My heart sank thinking about all of the people who were out celebrating, causing no harm to anyone, and then had their lives taken away from them in their safe haven.

So now what?  Will gay bars have to have weapons to defend themselves should another monster come in?

What is happening in this country?  This is not a place where people should fear for their lives in bars, movie theaters, or fucking elementary schools.  I feel like we as a society crossed a line when Sandy Hook happened, a line that should never have been drawn in the first place.  When no action was taken to change the gun laws we inadvertently decided that it was ok to murder children.  That’s harsh but it’s true.

The fact that the piece of shit college kid isn’t getting the same treatment in jail is yet another failure of our society.  Just like the fact that 1 in 5 female college students WILL be assaulted.  We have nail polish that shows you if you’ve been roofied. WE SHOULDN’T NEED TO DO THAT.

We need two things – we need love and education.

Love each other, show compassion for others.  If you don’t understand the way that someone else lives their life then educate yourself.  If you have a problem with someone being gay, straight, black, white, or whatever it’s YOUR PROBLEM, not theirs.

Parents, teach your children to accept others just as you teach them to accept themselves.  Change is possible.  Despite how horrific this weekend’s tragedy was, let’s remember that just about one year ago gay marriage became legal in all 50 states.  That was a testament that we can change the world.

Let’s remember how strong the gay community is.  Let’s remember how brave women are.  And let’s remember that every single vote counts – so don’t do something stupid in the fall.

#OrlandoUnited #EndRapeOnCampus

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