5 Ways to Increase Peace of Mind in your Home

Another guest post here at The Bro Chick! This one comes from Harold Camaya.  She is a blogger who loves to write especially in Beverages vertical. She co-authored Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for Ecommerce.  Her hobbies are traveling and reading .

Make your Home your Heavenly Personal Space

After a long taxing day at work, it is always refreshing to come back to home sweet home. However, if your home isn’t as peaceful and relaxing as it should be, you would probably get stressed for other reasons. Yes, even if you have a Johnnie Walker Double Black in your hand.

Converting your home to that wonderful and inviting daily personal getaway is as easy as making a few small rearrangements or adding some new items of sensually pleasing decor.

1.   Do a Thorough Job of Decluttering

When the area around you is free from clutter, you feel amazingly satisfied, tranquil and guilt-free to concentrate on things that make you happy.  Otherwise, you’re always stressed about that particular pile, that messy drawer, even about that stack of clothes. Do a little decluttering every day if you can, or at least set aside some hours every weekend, towards it.

Hiding things inside shelves or under furniture is not the right way to go. Also, rearrange the existing items and clothes in your cabinets, bookcases, and closets and make room for anything else that needs to be stored. Strictly get rid of the things that you don’t need or won’t use. If there’s anything you can give to charity, do so and you’ll feel extremely happy with yourself.

2.   Use Soothing Colors

Colors can have a bearing on how we feel – from boosting our morale to drowning our appetite. If the paint on your walls has faded, consider treating yourself to fresh coats. Otherwise, stick to painting the walls of the spaces which you associate with comfort and peace. Sea green creates a tranquil environment. Plain whites and pastel shades invite healing. Other calming colors are icy blue, beige, lavender and warm brown. Give your bedroom a pink, light yellow or peach. The use of grey and black should be minimized.

3.   Surround Yourself with Light

There’s something about sunshine that can make you feel energized. To maximize the flow of light into your home, consider skipping drapes and curtains but only if privacy isn’t a problem there. Ensure that your glass windows and mirrors are clean always. You can also position a mirror opposite to a window so that the rays reflect all around the room.

To brighten a dark place, consider introducing a lamp there. Mood lights are great to make you feel cheerful and transfer a feeling of calm. The amber color of Himalayan salt lamps makes them ideal for use as night lights or low light lamps.

4.   Delight Those Ears

The right kind of music playing in the background can really make you feel uplifted at home. For some, that means instrumental or classical music, for others, romantic melodious numbers and for still others, those old but golden hits from the past. Find what kind of music brightens up your spirits and let it play away! Also, pay heed to acoustics – ideally you want to block out outside noise as well as get the music reverberating well. Consider soundproofing the ceilings and walls.

5.   Set Aside a Zone for Recreation and Relaxation

Sparing time for a hobby, pleasing exercise or to just lie down and daydream can work wonders in making you feel more motivated and enthusiastic in getting through each day. So dedicate one zone of your home towards this, whether in your living room or on the balcony. Put some comfy seating, soft lighting, books, a yoga mat, or whatever items connected to your hobby. Then meditate, read, exercise, paint or simply recline with your favorite Johnnie Walker Swing.

If you are considering buying a home from various Miami, Fl homes for sale, it might be helpful to analyze the colors and lighting to see if it suits you as far as creating a peaceful environment is concerned.

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