What is a ‘Bro Chick’?

You may be wondering what ‘Bro Chick’ means so allow me to explain…

Urban dictionary (a reputable source, for those unfamiliar with it) defines “bro chick” as:

Chick who is basically like one of the dudes, similar to tomboy status, but less manly. One who hangs out and does dude-ly things, but knows her limits. Not to be confused with Bro-ho, a bro-chick is a girl who will sit back, drink beer, play videogames and football with you, and still spend 5 fucking hours doing her hair and makeup.

Minus the 5 hours of doing hair and makeup (more like five minutes, because honestly who knows how to “do hair” or contour?), I find this to be fairly accurate.

Before this was “a thing”, ‘Bro Chick’ is a term my friends used to describe me in college…and now as an adult.

I love football, I drink whiskey neat, and I don’t care for non food/booze related shopping.  However I cook, bake, sew, and like wearing pretty dresses (no heels though…I look ridiculous trying to walk in them).

I am for the most part a laid back, easy-going, ‘go with the flow’ type of person, which is stereotypically a male trait. I’m also aware that some of the most psychotic women describe themselves as easy-going, but I assure you I am not one of them.  Eccentric maybe, but I am not (nor have I ever been) a “psycho chick”.  That’s a  whole other breed and their blogs would probably be horrifying.

Also, while I have you here, let me make one thing clear – these posts, thoughts, and nonsense are my own.  Please do not steal them and please do not take offense to them.  If you are easily offended you’ve come to wrong place and should read something else.

Oh, one other thing! I have bipolar disorder type II and often write about it. If anything I write triggers you in some way I deeply apologize – my intention is to help, not to hurt.

Moving on- here are some fun facts about me, The Bro Chick…

  • As previously mentioned, I love Jameson. That probably shouldn’t be the first fact I use to describe myself but it’s a fact none the less. Drink Whiskey, it’s good for the soul (not too much the liver or making good decisions).
  • I work as a technical writer because no one will pay me to write this blog…yet.
  • Trying to explain how everyone in my family is related can be rather confusing but I love my family dynamic too much to care. I’ll happily explain if you ask if me, but it will require me to draw a chart for clarity.
  • I have an irrational fear that a pigeon is going to fly into my apartment and I won’t be able to get it out so I refuse to open the window in my bedroom, which doesn’t have a screen.
  • I hate letting people down. I will apologize to you profusely if I feel that I have, even if you think it’s no big deal.
  • I want to go to North Dakota…I can’t explain why but one day I will go there. It will probably be mediocre at best.
  • I love trying new things. New foods, new crafts, new places…change is good
  • I’m OBSESSED with Hunter S. Thompson. I have my favorite quote by him tattooed on my ribs.
  • I genuinely get annoyed when people can’t do things alone like go grocery shopping or walk into bar. I’ve gone to a restaurant by myself, get over yourself and enjoy your own company.
  • I listen to soundtracks from broadway musicals for the vast majority of the day. I just purchased Spotify for the soul purpose of being able to download as many full soundtracks as my theatre-geek heart desires.
  • When I’m by myself I sing about 90% of the time.  That is also the percentage I don’t wear pants

Follow me on twitter @the_brochick and there’s a 99.9% chance I’ll follow you back.

Send me an email – kate@thebrochick.com ! I love emails and I typically respond within a few hours because having emails in my inbox gives me (more) anxiety.


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